underneath the underneath...

15 September
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Name: Hatake Kakashi
Canon: Naruto
Player: Kuri | sub_textual | AIM: in subtext | EMAIL: in.subtext [at] gmail [dot] com
Game: Kannagara
Village: Konohagakure

He has a problem with always being late.

Kakashi seems to go about life in an overwhelmingly cheerful, carefree, and lackadaisical way. The only thing that seems to excite him is porn; specifically, porn in the form of little books with bright covers titled Icha Icha (fill in the blank here). His casual disregard towards just about everything, including overseeing the training of his students, is often rather infuriating to those subjected to it.

Constantly evasive and never honest about his life or the going-ons in it, "secretive" would be an understatement when it comes to how Kakashi lives his private life. Having experienced so much loss throughout his life, he holds his distance from others and is a relatively closed book. Those who try to pry his covers open constantly find themselves shoved away. Kakashi isn't interested in letting others read his pages; his story is his alone, and he has no interest in sharing.

A ninja must see underneath the underneath. Those who break the rules and codes of the ninja world are called trash. But those who don't take care of their friends are worse than trash.

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